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Holm CR - Chefsrekrytering

Holm Chefsrekrytering has long experience of providing well-aimed recruitment of executives in a corporate environment

Holm Chefsrekrytering has broad knowledge and experience when it comes to different levels and functions within business and organizations. We work with clients within varying verticals. We cover the Nordic region with a focus on the Swedish market.

Examples of some of our clients are; Bosch AB, Kärcher AB, Novartis AB Wyeth AB, Abbot AB, Absolut Spirit AB,Tidsam AB , HL-Display AB, Martin Olsson HAB, Servera AB, KGK AB , Ramböll AB

Holm Chefsrekrytering bases a lot of our work on the motto that the success of an individual within an organization to a high degree is based on his or hers personal qualities rather than experience and professional knowhow. If the personal qualities fail to correlate with the requirements and demands of the business, or if the individual fail to cooperate due to personal differences - the level of education or experience will in general become irrelevant.

There does not exist a single individual who excels in everything. We all have our strong and week abilities. Coworkers should at all times concentrate on their strong sides and to the extent possible avoid or try to compensate for their weeks sides. Personal attributes or qualities are neither good or bad. They can, however, be more or less suitable depending on the requirements within the organization.

Holm Chefsrekrytering AB is owned and controlled by Lars-Göran Holm.
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Lars-Gunnar Holm
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